Terms and Conditions


Since we comply with the highest quality standards in the manufacturing of our products, we guarantee total satisfaction when purchasing any of them in our online store.
If for any reason your garment has any type of defect in its manufacturing, please contact us via email attienda@correcontento.com
All our products are of excellent quality, the colors and textures displayed may vary. The customer has the possibility of changing their garments as long as they comply with what is established in the exchange and return policies section.
The colors and textures of the garments shown on this site may vary depending on the characteristics of the equipment (computer or device) from which you access the website.
Purchases made by the client will only be considered valid once they have been processed by our computer system. In such a situation, if said information is not valid, we do not commit to making physical deliveries.
If charges have been invoiced that do not correspond to your purchases, you must contact our customer service team to resolve the situation.
All prices published on this site include VAT
The purchases made by the client are completely secure since we use the PAYPAL, CONEKTA payment system, which is evaluated as one of the safest platforms worldwide in terms of payments and security of client information. Feel free to buy on this site. Web.

Our shipments are distributed by Fedex, Estafeta or RedPack parcels, which enjoy the trust of large companies throughout the country, being one of the parcels with the lowest rate of losses and distribution errors.

Purchases on this site will be sent according to your choice on the shipping screen where the cost that must be paid, if any, will be shown.

We inform you that www.correcontento.com does not return merchandise in sales, promotions, school uniforms, school uniforms or merchandise related to any event. (Alexander von Humboldt German School) In case of any type of manufacturing defect, the customer may make the change at no cost by requesting it by email:tienda@correcontento.com This must occur during the first 5 days after receiving the order.

In exceptional cases where the refund is approved, there will be a 6% refund charge for handling and use of the platform, as well as a cancellation penalty.

Refunds are not made in cash or debit credit cards, convenience store payments, transfers or bank deposits.
There are no changes to clothing items on clearance or sales as well as clothing with logos from the events in each city.

There are also no cancellations or returns on school or institution uniforms. (Alexander von Humboldt German School)

If you have made an error in the order, please send an email totienda@correcontento.com within the next 24 hours to make the corresponding adjustment or change. There are no returns once your order and corresponding payment have been placed.

For hygiene reasons, we inform you that there are no changes in socks, underwear; In the case of changes to footwear, it will only proceed if the defect is factory-made, within a maximum period of 7 days after the purchase, with the understanding that the shoe must not show signs of use.