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Created for daily training and competitions, GU Energy Chews contain energy and calories in a presentation that you can carry with you to help you maintain energy demand in long-duration activities.

The 90-calorie presentation contains carbohydrates to keep you "fueled" while delaying a sudden drop in performance ("Pajara" or Bonk), keeping your glycogen reserves in reserve.

Sodium, which is the first type of electrolyte that is lost when sweating, is contained in Chews to keep your hydration in balance. The chain of amino acids that Chews contain (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine) help you reduce mental fatigue and reduce muscle wasting.

ELECTROLYTES maintain hydration balance. CARBOHYDRATES provide you with immediate energy to use and delay a sudden drop in energy (Bird, Bonk), maintaining glycogen reserves. AMINO ACIDS reduce mental fatigue and reduce muscle wasting. CAFFEINE improves your performance by increasing concentration and reducing mental fatigue.

consume one serving (8 chews) 5 min before starting and subsequently one serving every 45 min of activity.
Take it with your favorite hydrating drink from GU products or water for better absorption.

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